All the data you have entered in order to become a member of our shop will not be shared with the third parties (other persons or companies) by Monemel Moda Aksesuar Giyim ve Ticaret Şirketi (Monemel Fashion, Accessories Wear and Trade Company).

At some periods our shop may send its customers and members information about campaigns and promotions. Our members can make their own choice for receiving or rejecting such information when they are being registered as members, and after the membership is put into effect this information (datum=choice) may be changed in the account information section.

Only you can reach the information yourselves that you have provided when becoming a member and only you can make changes in this information. As long as you safely keep the membership information that you have provided, it is not possible for others to have access to and change such information. For this purpose, action is realized within a security space of 128 bit SSL. This system is an international coding standard which is impossible to break.  


Our company gives priority to the security of our customers who do shopping on our shopping sites with their credit cards. Your credit card information is not maintained in our system in any shape or form.  

When you start the transaction process there are two things that you should be careful about in order to see that you are in a secure website. One of them is the key or lock symbol at the bottom line of your scanner. This shows you that you are on a secure internet site, and all kinds of information (data) of yours is safeguarded by being coded. This information is only used according to the sales transaction process and in line with the instructions and directives that you have given. The information related to the credit card that is used during the shopping is conveyed to the bank for the purposes of checking up by Rapid by way of being coded with the protocol of 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). If the usability of the card is approved, the shopping transaction is continued with. Because no information and data relating to the card can be viewed and recorded by us the possibility of obtaining such information and data by third parties under any condition is hindered. 

The reliability of the information related to the payment/invoice/delivery address for the orders placed online with the credit card is checked against fraud. For this reason, the financial and address/telephone information must be verified in order that the order can reach the stage of supply and delivery for those customers of ours who place an order for the first time on our shopping sites. For the purposes of checking such information we get in touch with the customer who is the holder of the credit card or with the relevant bank in question.



Your ID and credit card information that you have provided for us with the Credit Card mail-order method shall be maintained by us in accordance with the confidentiality principle. Such information is kept for a period of 60 days in the event that an objection is raised with respect cash withdrawal from the bank. And the information is disposed of at the end of this period. You may naturally object to your bank in the event that any other amount is withdrawn from your bank account than the mail-order form that has been approved by you and that you have sent to us in return for the products for which you have placed an order to us; and because you can keep such extra amount from being sent it doesn’t create any risks.