Payment and Delivery

Payment and Delivery                                                                            

1) You can make the payments by Bank Transfer (Remittance) of EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) to our Bank Account (IBAN) with Garanti Bank TR33 0006 2000 3420 0006 2959 48 in TRL(Turkish Liras)

2) By Credit Cards on our Website

You can make your payments with all kinds of credit cards online at one time or you may benefit from making your payments on installments. In your online payments the amount of the sales will be deducted from your credit card at the end of the completion of your order. In the event of   cancellation of the order or lack of availability of the product in the stocks, the amount paid will be returned to you within 3 business (work=bank) days.

3) Returning the Order Amount

In the event of cancellation of your orders, Monomel Moda Aksesuar Giyim Ticaret Şirketi (Monomel Fashion, Accessories, Wear & Trade Company) will return the amount that has been paid to you bank account and/or credit card account within three work days. However, you should inform our company officers about your bank account details and/or credit card information fully and correctly.

4) Delivery

We endeavor to give the cargo company the products that you have ordered on the same day. The time for the delivery to the cargo company of the products whose supply take time is a maximum of 5 days as indicated in the product detail. In the event of delay in delivery you will be informed about the delay.

In order that the delivery of the product can be effected on time and without a delay, please indicate the address at which you are present during the daytime as your receiving address. 

Your delivery requests will be processed and dealt with according to the type of delivery that you have indicated at the end of the order. From our company head office which is located in Istanbul the products are delivered by the courier company called Sürat Kargo. After the approval of your orders the products will be delivered to the courier company within 5 days at the very latest. 

By consulting our account executive (customer representative) you may give information about different delivery conditions. Also, the deliveries by the courier company are realized only within the territory of Turkey.

5) Payment Follow-up

If the system in question cannot realize the operation due to some reason, the visitor shall be informed about the order that has not been processed at the end of the payment page.

In the event there is a mistake at the address given the person who has placed the order will be contacted with respect to the order whose delivery cannot be effected.

The validity of the e-mail address given by the visitor is confirmed with an automatically sent e-mail message following the placing of the order.  

With respect to the realization of the delivery we are also responsible to the bank whose credit card system we use as well as to the customer.  


Please be careful!

Please open the packages that you think are damaged during the transportation in front of the representative of the company from which you have received the package, and eye-check it. If you think the product is damaged please don’t receive the product and make a report together with the representative of the courier company.

After the product has been received it is assumed that the courier company has fulfilled its responsibility completely.

If the product is damaged; please send the report prepared together with the representative of the courier company to the e-mail address or to the phone number 0850 749 9700 at the shortest time possible.

After you have fulfilled these procedures as described here above, we will start the work with respect to the package and rearrange the dispatch of your package as soon as possible.

If you explain shortly why you have given back the package in the e-mail mentioned above,, you will have helped us with our work with respect to the product.