Provisions for Returning

Provisions for Returning

Withdrawal (Giving up)

You may return the product that you have purchased within (14) days of delivery without opening the package of the product, without using it, and without letting it deteriorate. Before you return the product, please indicate your reason for returning, and send an e-mail to indicating the invoice number and order number. As soon as our company officers receive your e-mail they will contact you, and will inform you how you will return the product. The invoice must also be returned together with the invoice. Another product in place of the returned product will be sent to you or the price you have paid for the product will be returned to your credit card account. The transportation expenses to be incurred due to the returned products will be covered by you.


II. Products Damaged During Transport

The products that have been damaged during the transport must not be received and a report must be prepared by the transport company. The product must not be returned for such reasons as damages on the package which hasn’t affected the product. But after you have recived the product the transport company will have been considered to have fulfilled their duty. After the damage report of the damaged product is sent to our shop by you, our shop will send you the replaced product at the shortest time possible. 


III. Defected Products

Please send an e-mail message to indicating the defect of the product whose defect was not noticed at the time of receipt together with the invoice number and order number. If your reason for return is found reasonable the defected product will be replaced with a new one after you have sent the defected product to our shop. The transport expenses to be incurred because of returning will be covered by you.



Product Returned

If you need technical support with respect to a product that you have purchased or if you have an issue that cannot be solved by the sales staff, you may raise a request for returning the product. As a first step, you will need to fill in the product return form.  

This form must be filled in completely. You will receive a response at the shortest time possible.

Please send the products back in their original package. The products returned with insufficient packing and damaged for this reason may not be accepted as a returned product. In order to prevent damage during the transport, please use protective materials. The return of the food and beverages and software products is not accepted.